Award Categories

We want to recognise the groundbreaking work, the hardworking teams and the outstanding leaders 
who are creating opportunities, driving change and making a difference. 

These are Britain’s Most Admired Companies.
These awards focus on projects and initiatives that businesses have implemented and/or improved in the past 18 months for the benefit of the organisation and the people within them.


Best Marketing Campaign
Communicating the value of a product or service to its audience through the right messaging is vital to its success. This award acknowledges original, ground-breaking and effective campaigns that are either a one-off or part of a wider strategy.

Judges will be looking for the objectives of the campaign, the innovation and delivery and how this impacted the business.


Best diversity & Inclusion Initiative
Becoming a truly inclusive workplace requires transparency and authentic behaviour, driven by a core belief in equality of opportunity. An inclusive organisation ensures that all individuals have a voice and are supported to work at their best.

This award can recognise what your company is doing in one of these key areas, or a unique D&I initiative specific to your business or sector:

Origin (includes race)
Balance (gender balance, work/life balance)
Mind (mental health and awareness)
Parents & Carers
Neurodiversity (supporting neurodivergent colleagues in the workplace)


Best talent management scheme
Even the best strategy won’t get the job done without the right people. Organisations need to recognise and retain their high-performance and high-potential workforce, through initiatives to develop, support and upskill employees.

This award recognises employers that have designed and implemented a future-fit, evidence-based and ethical talent management strategy to address their current and future needs.


Best wellbeing scheme
Workers wellbeing is a key factor in determining business performance and long-term effectiveness.

This award celebrates forward-thinking businesses that have built and nurtured a positive workplace culture. Entrants need to demonstrate how their initiatives have resulted in outstanding levels of staff engagement and productivity, and ultimately driven demonstrable business growth.


Special recognition award: response to Covid-19
The coronavirus pandemic has left businesses around the world counting costs and wondering what recovery could look like. This award celebrates the UK firms that have gone above and beyond to support their communities, workers and customers, showing their humanity while still looking out for the long-term sustainability of the business.

Entrants should demonstrate how they have met community, customer and worker needs during this difficult lockdown period, and how they have communicated clearly with all their stakeholders.


We want to recognise organisations across all sectors of UK business so entries are encouraged from small, medium and large size businesses allowing you to focus on your achievements over the last 18 months.

Whether you're a dynamic entrepreneur, an outstanding start-up, a thriving SME, or one of Britain's biggest firms, there is a category for you. The Awards will allow businesses to share best practice, showcase your work both to key stakeholders and clients, whilst also allowing you to compare your company against the very best of the entire UK business community, not just those in your specific industry.


Most successful reinvention
If a business is to survive, it must evolve, adapt and transform. This award is for businesses that have successfully reinvented themselves, adjusting their business model to grasp opportunities, supercharge growth and deliver outstanding results.

Entrants should explain the need for the transformation, the journey (including any challenges that were overcome) and the strategic and financial results.


Most impactful social initiative
Business isn’t just about profit; it’s also about purpose. This award champions businesses working as a force for good, highlighting their environmental and/or social impact on the wider community.

Entrants will need to provide details of the work they’re doing, why they’re doing it and the impact it has had (including statistics where appropriate).


Best business turnaround
Turnarounds are among the toughest tasks in business. This award recognises organisations that have successfully improved their financial position by implementing effective operations, establishing solid management and generating positive cash flow - all leading to the recovery of a struggling business.

Entrants must demonstrate how the business turnaround has been achieved and also why it was necessary. What did it entail, how were the business, clients and employees impacted by the turnaround and how has the business measured the success of the turnaround?


Best use of innovation in business
Businesses must constantly do new, different, smarter or better things if they are to thrive in a competitive market. This award will recognise organisations that have put effective and inspirational innovation at their heart, creating ground-breaking and revolutionary new products or services with the potential to disrupt and reshape entire industries.

Entrants must be able to demonstrate business growth and market impact with tangible results.


Most successful global expansion
In today’s global economy, opportunity knows no borders. This award recognises businesses that have successfully grown in global markets over the last 18 months and are on track for long-term sustainability.

Judges will be looking for the rationale, the sales and marketing strategy, and ultimately the results and the impact on the business.


For these categories, entrants can either enter themselves or be nominated. Each entry will be judged in the same way. Written entries should provide evidence of business performance, leadership and growth, development of company culture, where available statistics on diversity and gender pay gap (and the explanation behind it) and what the individual has done to improve these within their organisation. Entrants should also include examples of their ability to drive transformation and how they have contributed to the industry in which they operate.

This should be done through a document consisting of an elevator pitch (50 words), story (300 words), proof (300 words).


CEO of the Year
Honouring the ambitious and visionary leaders that are helping to build and sustain world-class businesses.


Entrepreneur of the Year
Recognising founders who have achieved significant levels of long-term growth and financial performance through an innovative and resilient leadership style.


Board Director of the Year
Awarding the directors that have shown outstanding initiative, boldness and imagination in their leadership, as well as efficient management practices and the understanding of challenges, consumers and competitors.


Non-executive Director of the Year
This award recognises non-executive directors that have made noteworthy contributions to an organisation’s strategy, demonstrated a passion for high ethical standards and promoted the principles of good corporate governance.


Future Leader (aged 35 and under)
Open to individuals aged 35 and under who are making a positive change in their organisation. Judges want to see how the entrant has shown exceptional skill, ambition and impact.